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Meeting - Thursday 26th of April - Kiltipper
Hi lads, 

We need you confirm membership for this year 2018-19. It needs to send back to MACI the document for the renewal as soon as possible and all your names are there. Could you please answer back confirming or not you are going to become a member of the club. 

It is also important to pay the membership as soon as possible as the field has to be renewed at the end of the month as well. We already got the payment of 3 members!

In addition, we have to start organizing the refurbishment of the club, the maintenance and the materials we need to start building the new gates, tables, etc. We also need to decide a few roles and start setting the races calendar... There is a lot of work to do and this is just going to work if all of us put our bit! Smile 
For this reason, we decided to have the first meeting next Thursday 26th of April at 19:30 in our Club Grounds in Kiltipper


  1. Confirm membership
  2. Membership Payment
  3. Meeting  Thursday 26th of April at 19:30 in our Club Grounds in Kiltipper
       - Decide roles
       - Organize refurbishment
       - Organize maintenance
       - Build gates
       - Build pits
       - Build tables
       - Tracks Design
       - Races Calendar

See you all on Thursday and good luck!!
It is actually the Thursday 26th of April ?
Can newcomers interested in joining come?
(04-24-2018, 12:17 AM)Vanyd Wrote: Can newcomers interested in joining come?

Sure, all are welcome

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