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East Coast FPV membership 2018/19
Hi East Coast FPV members!

It's been a while since Jonas and I started trying to get a bank account for our club, it has been a hard job going numerous times to the bank to bring paper stuff and to proof, we are not a money laundry, but finally, we got it.

One of the issues we had with the bank is to prove we follow not just our rules also MACI rules. For this reason, we had to come back again to the bank and bring a document abiding MACI constitution and rules as well. This means this year we are obligated to follow them carefully and for this reason, I attach them to this email, so everybody is aware. 

Please see documents: East Coast FPV CONSTITUTION.pdf and East Coast FPV Abide MACI Rules.pdf

This year we plan to improve the track by:
  • Cutting the grass every month (at least the months of good weather)
  • Building new movable gates
  • Create a pits area protected from the circuit
  • Put new tables for pilots
  • Organize a league to compete against the other members
Also, this year we decided to go for two membership options to facilitate people living far away but want to join us for some races or planned events. Find attached the document East Coast FPV 2018-19 Membership.pdf with the different membership options and payment details. In the following days, we will set a meeting with all the confirmed members to decide how and when starting with the improvements and races planning and to decide some roles to help the club as well. 

This year is going to be awesome can’t wait to start racing!

Kind regards,

Attached Files
.pdf   East Coast FPV 2018-19 Membership.pdf (Size: 142.43 KB / Downloads: 2)
.pdf   East Coast FPV CONSTITUTION.pdf (Size: 685.05 KB / Downloads: 4)
.pdf   East Coast FPV Abide MACI Rules.pdf (Size: 550.13 KB / Downloads: 3)

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